Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

how to make pear pants

Print out and tape together a whole mess of 8.5 x 11s to form a drawstring pants pattern. Buy incredibly adorable pear fabric from your local craft store.

Wash and press fabric. (This will need to be repeated when you realize that you didn't buy enough fabric. You will also learn that fabric comes in two different widths. Who knew?)

Cut out pattern after lengthening it for your tall husband.

Fold fabric in half lengthwise to match selvedges. Admire adorable fabric before remembering that you're supposed to fold it so the wrong side faces out. 

Pin paper pattern to fabric, cut out and start sewing according to your pattern instructions. This will take several tries. Get annoyed that Martha Stewart takes for granted that you understand what she means by pin and sew crotch, because that could very well mean start at crotch and result in sewing the inseams of the fronts to each other rather than the rise. Right?

Take a deep breath and admire the pretty butterfly pins you bought. 

The next step will involve sewing and ripping: sewing the zig-zag seams too tight and ripping them out, sewing with the feed dogs down and ripping out the pile of thread, sewing the pants to themselves rather than just at the seam and ripping the entire thing out. But eventually you will have pants.

Insert elastic. Ponder closing seam around elastic in drawstring pants. Cleverly close gap with small placket. Enjoy the word placket.

Apply pants to husband. 

Sigh when husband prefers the sweatpants you bought him on sale at the University bookstore.