Wednesday, March 30, 2011


havin' a giraffe, originally uploaded by jamesgalpin.

Inspired by Riley [and because I'm tired of hearing myself complain about the life ruling pain in my back (which was not improved by the massage today)]* I will now list things that make me happy today:
  • Sweet P -- always. 
  • Giraffes -- obviously.
  • Sunny sun sunshine -- break the sky, sun! Get the winter out of my bones!
  • Quilting -- okay, I admit it. I spent time online working with a Bernina comparison chart to figure out what new walking foot I should look for so my quilting won't get bunchy. I'm a seamstress now. Okay, fine.
  • Tiger Balm patches -- THAT'S ABOUT MY BACK, BUT IT'S POSITIVE!
  • Lily the sweet stupid fat cat -- she laid on the massage table with me very quietly and sweetly.
Alright. The pain in my back is telling me I need to switch from cold to heat now. Where's that kitty when I need her?

*Apparently that sentence required brackets, parenthesis and an asterisk. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

and get this...

Out of nowhere I have a pinched nerve or other in my back -- beautiful little knot riding under my shoulder blade, radiating sparky fire out to my little finer, ribs and neck. No combination of heat and anti-inflammatory soothes it. No position makes it better or worse. Nothing relieves it.

So, during the show last night I made a little online appointment with my acupuncturist and today I was cupped. No, not like that -- dirty -- the ancient Chinese Medicine sort that involves fire, glass bulbs and points. I have the salami slice bruises on my back to prove it.

Here's the get this part: I'd mentioned my SIBO earlier in the appointment, so when she mentioned that the points causing me pain were in the small intestine meridian we had a cartoon-y double take of SMALL INTESTINE MERIDIAN?!?!?

That's right. The bacteria are dying out and trying to hide by blocking the meridian.

Get that.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

suck it ibs!!!

fun girl, originally uploaded by saikiishiki.

No more bloating.

No more cramping.

No more pain.

No more embarrassing bouts of diarrhea*.

No more.

As it turns out it is not the obnoxious non-diagnosis of IBS, but a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth that has been plaguing my life for the last 2 years.

After a ten day (outrageously expensive) course of medication I will be cured. CURED!


*I feel that I should write a Missed Connections entry on Craigslist to the woman who used the bathroom after me at The Wedge today. Sorry, lady.

Friday, March 18, 2011

pear jammy pants

Six years ago today, while walking the Freedom Trail in Boston, I fell in love with the fist boy I ever kissed.

In honor of the day I made him some jammy pants that are actually long enough for his 6'4" frame. I'm not a particularly adept seamstress... let's just say I learned a lot.

Monday, March 7, 2011

in my crafting world

Jenny the-wig-run-room-kitty-loving-quilt-maker and I are making a baby quilt for some mutual friends. Behold the cool and warm complimentary fabrics that will become zig-zags. 

Ooo... zig-zag.

I love these ladies. 

Also, I've been embroidering the center panel of my sister's wedding shawl. I had a small introduction to embroidering back when we were making the Master Butchers quilt, but it has now become a full on obsession. I am also a little obsessed with these crewel kits that Purl sells -- embroidery with YARN?!?!? WHAT?!?!?

This is Lily. She's not a craft. She's just super cute. Look how she's resting her little cheek on the foot of my dulcimer stand. Also, that's my dulcimer. Note the cardinal shaped sound holes.