Friday, March 25, 2011

and get this...

Out of nowhere I have a pinched nerve or other in my back -- beautiful little knot riding under my shoulder blade, radiating sparky fire out to my little finer, ribs and neck. No combination of heat and anti-inflammatory soothes it. No position makes it better or worse. Nothing relieves it.

So, during the show last night I made a little online appointment with my acupuncturist and today I was cupped. No, not like that -- dirty -- the ancient Chinese Medicine sort that involves fire, glass bulbs and points. I have the salami slice bruises on my back to prove it.

Here's the get this part: I'd mentioned my SIBO earlier in the appointment, so when she mentioned that the points causing me pain were in the small intestine meridian we had a cartoon-y double take of SMALL INTESTINE MERIDIAN?!?!?

That's right. The bacteria are dying out and trying to hide by blocking the meridian.

Get that.


  1. wow! did it help you with the pain? you looked fantastic tonight in the show~!! ~momo

  2. Hi Momo! It temporarily relieved the pain, but I'm still suffering. Trying to get an appointment with a neuromuscular therapist. Thanks for seeing the show!