Thursday, September 20, 2012

cross stitched magic phone

We got magic phones which meant that I was forced to get this iPhone cover. It's a hard life.

I sketched this MN and plotted out my x's.


I was pleased with the result-- especially the heart over the Twin Cities -- but it looked a little lonely all alone. Poor little state.

So I grew it a tree with pink blossoms.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

the nothing place and a call to arms

I am in a fight with my brain. 

My old nemesis Depression and his sweaty faced toady Anxiety are trying to move back into my brain and take over. I want to sparkle, live in my happy body, move forward with my hope and take great pleasure in every moment, but my brain is having a hard time fending off those two Assholes who make me hate myself, my body, my surroundings and paralyze me in the nothing place. 
"C'mon, brain," I say, "we're smarter than this. Just throw them out and we can get back to business!"
 "It's not about smart!", my brain counters between pummelings, "It's about energy! It's about communion! It's about feeding the well!"

I need help in my fight, friends. I need to walk, drink coffee, have dates, remind myself how to sparkle, and feed my well.

Will you help me?