Tuesday, July 27, 2010

monday makes me merry

1. Last Monday I went to a beautiful summer potluck yard party at one of my favorite houses, to celebrate one of my favorite families. They have an incredible garden full of not only gorgeous flowers, but bountiful harvestable vegetables. They also have 2 hens that provide them eggs on a daily basis. While we were there one of them laid an egg. The friend brought it over to show and I held the freshest egg I've ever held. It was warm. Chicken warmed.

2. Yoga continues to be a source of soulful release and challenge. This week I'm adoring the standing balance poses. So joyful.

3. Riding my bike at night is so blissful I feel like I could loop the city.

4. As mentioned previously, Louise Erdrich is changing my life one amazing story at a time.

5. Hot Tamales are gluten-free.

6. There was a surprise wedding in our lives. More on that later.

7. Silas would not be put down for his nap so we slept together in the rocking chair for 45 minutes. All this babysitting is good practice for the real thing. Exhausting, rewarding, frustrating, loving... and I get to go home after 4 hours.

8. Minneapolis is so beautiful in the summer.

9. Sweet P has been out of town so I've had a little reminder of the solo life. It's only partially merry.

10. After yoga I took myself to BLB for dinner and wine and book reading and ran into friends on their way to a show. Andrew Dinwiddie performed his show Get Mad at Sin! A Message to the Young People of Today by Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart as Preached at the First Assembly of God in Van Buren, Arkansas. Andrew memorized Swaggart's sermons (including cadence) and performs them with no wink to the audience. It's quite arresting. 

Get Mad at Sin ! (excerpt) from philifor on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

the last report on the miracles at little no horse

Horse eye, originally uploaded by doug88888.
I've been reading all of Louise Erdrich's books in preparation for The Master Butchers Singing Club. I didn't really start in time -- coming up fast -- so I had to amend my reading list. Someone told me that I had to read The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse, that I would know why.

And I know. Oh, wow, do I know.

Go buy a copy.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

roll on by

Roll On By, originally uploaded by BlurDotBlog.

I think my upstairs neighbors are rollerblading around their apartment. It's 10:30p, folks, I can't hear House reruns. Time to step out of the '90s and go to bed.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

nothing grows in our garden

Had another pregnant dream last night.

I went into labor and had strong, painful, crampy contractions every few minutes. I knew it would take a long time for the baby to come. My mom was with me, walking me around a big public house. I could feel the baby turning and she noticed we could see the baby through my skin; curling, hands clasped in a prayer position, soft eyelashes closed in peace.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the other people who live in our house

mother & child long, originally uploaded by eag.

I should be cleaning and organizing in preparation for the return of our roomie, but I'm having a hard time getting motivated. I love organizing, I love when things are clean... why is the starting so hard?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

monday makes me merry

In an effort to keep peeking around the corner to the bright side, I will now initiate a regular column on my blog: Monday Makes Me Merry -- 10 things that made me merry since last Monday, besides Monday being my day off.

1. Silas. He is my babysitting charge and holy cats is one cutie patootie! Observe:

2. Understudy Rehearsal. Last Tuesday was our official understudy rehearsal. We got to wear costume shoes and run through the show on the set. What with using all the props it felt like playing pretend in someone else's house! As always with a run, I knew more than I thought, got thrown by all the new information and forgot things I thought I knew, got out of control, delved deeper into moments and learned many lessons. God willing I won't ever have to do it again, but it was lovely to walk around in Stella's shoes (and Eunice's and the Nurses's shoes) for an afternoon.

3. Knitting Baby Booties.

4. Brass Messengers at Bastille Day Block Party. Oh, and burlesque dancers getting nekid in the middle of Irving Ave. Yow!

5. Waking Up Surrounded By Sweet Fat Kitties. Specifically the ones who live in my house and sleep snuggled up to me after Sweet P leaves for work. As soon as I open my eyes they gather around and rub their soft faces against my cheeks.

6. Biking. It gets easier and more pleasurable everyday. 

7. Open Windows. The weather has decided to cool itself off enough that we can turn off the ac and let in the sweet summer air. I love to hear the tinkling voices of playing kids and gentle whisper of the rustling trees. 

8. Sore Muscles. Means I'm working hard on falling back into my body.

9. Afternoon Naps.

10. Finishing Shadow Tag. I am falling more deeply in love with Louise all the time, but I'm glad to put the indulgently miserable characters behind me. What an exhausting a beautiful book. 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

emily (you)

One of my best-friends/soul-mates/ex-roommate/Canadian-me is also a gorgeous practitioner of yoga -- specifically Moksha Yoga. Moksha is a series of postures practiced in a green friendly, heated room that started in Canada and has grown a several country community. Emily and I are in the habit of chatting on the gmail, but we suddenly remembered the other day that we now live in the same country again and talking on the phone is a viable choice! Silly Emilys.... So we talked. And talked. And talked. And I felt like a lost limb had returned to my body. She is so well, so strong, with real joy returning to her body. She is ensconced in filling her life with the "yeses" the universe is sending her way.

Two days ago I bought a month unlimited pass to Core Power Yoga because I got a really great deal and I'm tired of feeling like a prisoner in my own body. If this is my 29 year old body then I need to learn to love it rather than hate it -- it's rounder and softer, but it need not be weaker and less flexible. I keep coming back to a sun celebrations I took part in when I lived in NYC, when Jasmine kept saying "Who is in my temple?" Ever since I talked to Emily I've been asking myself that question in earnest.

In an attempt to try to hear the answer I've started my practice again. Core Power is fine and the classes feel good, but I miss that little pink room on Christopher Street. I miss chanting. I miss jasmine oil smoothed over my brow. I miss the icons and the soulful devotion that filled me at Laughing Lotus. Oh well. I can look inside myself and practice a soulful devotion of my own. After all, a yoga practice is what you make it; releasing what is unnecessary.

My body is sore, but my soul is opening.

Monday, July 12, 2010

o! o! o!

Pannonian sea, originally uploaded by Katarina 2353.

O summer!

O Minneapolis!

O lakes, bikes, skirts, farmer's markets, breezes, sunny skin, ice cream, berries, iced tea, outdoor movies, white wine, patios, thunder storms, puppies, walking, colors, flowers, lovers, babies, fans, birds, plants, green, green, green, bare feet, beaches, picnics, beers!

O Minneapolis!

O summer!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

oh, paiger, paigie, paige...

Shawarma Kitchen, originally uploaded by tradica.
Everyone say a little prayer for my incredibly brave little step sister who is on the adventure of a lifetime and managed to contract H5N1. Poor baby. I've had such a thrill reading her incredibly well written blog about things I may never experience.

Feel better, sweet thing!

Friday, July 9, 2010

anOther Opening anOther shOw (kinda... not really my show)

photo credit: T. Charles Erickson

A Streetcar Named Desire

One of America's most iconic plays, A Streetcar Named Desirebegins on a steamy afternoon in the heart of New Orleans as Blanche DuBois arrives on the doorstep of her younger sister Stella and Stella's sexy, yet brutish husband Stanley. With a trunk filled with jewels and furs to her name, Blanche settles into their two-room apartment, painting a wistful and romantic portrait of her life as a styled Southern belle in Mississippi, all the while failing to complete the mysterious picture with details of her unexpected arrival and unknown departure. As Blanche's fabrications wane and her needs multiply, Stanley's skepticism boils, driving a deep wedge between them. The tension grows as thick as the humid night air until a final plea of passion and desperation sparks an explosive encounter that changes them forever. With a pulsating underscore of music and memory that swells with the heat of pure emotion, A Streetcar Named Desire delivers an unforgettable dramatic ride, filled with love, loss and the dream of what's to come.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

110˚ in the shade

Theomometer, originally uploaded by purplespace.

I drew the biking line at 85˚.

Call me a wuss, but I was sweating in the air-conditioned car.