Tuesday, July 20, 2010

monday makes me merry

In an effort to keep peeking around the corner to the bright side, I will now initiate a regular column on my blog: Monday Makes Me Merry -- 10 things that made me merry since last Monday, besides Monday being my day off.

1. Silas. He is my babysitting charge and holy cats is one cutie patootie! Observe:

2. Understudy Rehearsal. Last Tuesday was our official understudy rehearsal. We got to wear costume shoes and run through the show on the set. What with using all the props it felt like playing pretend in someone else's house! As always with a run, I knew more than I thought, got thrown by all the new information and forgot things I thought I knew, got out of control, delved deeper into moments and learned many lessons. God willing I won't ever have to do it again, but it was lovely to walk around in Stella's shoes (and Eunice's and the Nurses's shoes) for an afternoon.

3. Knitting Baby Booties.

4. Brass Messengers at Bastille Day Block Party. Oh, and burlesque dancers getting nekid in the middle of Irving Ave. Yow!

5. Waking Up Surrounded By Sweet Fat Kitties. Specifically the ones who live in my house and sleep snuggled up to me after Sweet P leaves for work. As soon as I open my eyes they gather around and rub their soft faces against my cheeks.

6. Biking. It gets easier and more pleasurable everyday. 

7. Open Windows. The weather has decided to cool itself off enough that we can turn off the ac and let in the sweet summer air. I love to hear the tinkling voices of playing kids and gentle whisper of the rustling trees. 

8. Sore Muscles. Means I'm working hard on falling back into my body.

9. Afternoon Naps.

10. Finishing Shadow Tag. I am falling more deeply in love with Louise all the time, but I'm glad to put the indulgently miserable characters behind me. What an exhausting a beautiful book. 


  1. I love this new column! I love celebrating daily joys. Thanks for sharing yours with us. Kirk (my husband) is running an understudy rehearsal for Auctioning the Ainsleys as we speak!

  2. I read somewhere it's a good thing for a blog to have a regular... thing. Understudying is weird! Thanks for being my loyal reader Kaija!!!