Tuesday, July 27, 2010

monday makes me merry

1. Last Monday I went to a beautiful summer potluck yard party at one of my favorite houses, to celebrate one of my favorite families. They have an incredible garden full of not only gorgeous flowers, but bountiful harvestable vegetables. They also have 2 hens that provide them eggs on a daily basis. While we were there one of them laid an egg. The friend brought it over to show and I held the freshest egg I've ever held. It was warm. Chicken warmed.

2. Yoga continues to be a source of soulful release and challenge. This week I'm adoring the standing balance poses. So joyful.

3. Riding my bike at night is so blissful I feel like I could loop the city.

4. As mentioned previously, Louise Erdrich is changing my life one amazing story at a time.

5. Hot Tamales are gluten-free.

6. There was a surprise wedding in our lives. More on that later.

7. Silas would not be put down for his nap so we slept together in the rocking chair for 45 minutes. All this babysitting is good practice for the real thing. Exhausting, rewarding, frustrating, loving... and I get to go home after 4 hours.

8. Minneapolis is so beautiful in the summer.

9. Sweet P has been out of town so I've had a little reminder of the solo life. It's only partially merry.

10. After yoga I took myself to BLB for dinner and wine and book reading and ran into friends on their way to a show. Andrew Dinwiddie performed his show Get Mad at Sin! A Message to the Young People of Today by Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart as Preached at the First Assembly of God in Van Buren, Arkansas. Andrew memorized Swaggart's sermons (including cadence) and performs them with no wink to the audience. It's quite arresting. 

Get Mad at Sin ! (excerpt) from philifor on Vimeo.