Saturday, July 17, 2010

emily (you)

One of my best-friends/soul-mates/ex-roommate/Canadian-me is also a gorgeous practitioner of yoga -- specifically Moksha Yoga. Moksha is a series of postures practiced in a green friendly, heated room that started in Canada and has grown a several country community. Emily and I are in the habit of chatting on the gmail, but we suddenly remembered the other day that we now live in the same country again and talking on the phone is a viable choice! Silly Emilys.... So we talked. And talked. And talked. And I felt like a lost limb had returned to my body. She is so well, so strong, with real joy returning to her body. She is ensconced in filling her life with the "yeses" the universe is sending her way.

Two days ago I bought a month unlimited pass to Core Power Yoga because I got a really great deal and I'm tired of feeling like a prisoner in my own body. If this is my 29 year old body then I need to learn to love it rather than hate it -- it's rounder and softer, but it need not be weaker and less flexible. I keep coming back to a sun celebrations I took part in when I lived in NYC, when Jasmine kept saying "Who is in my temple?" Ever since I talked to Emily I've been asking myself that question in earnest.

In an attempt to try to hear the answer I've started my practice again. Core Power is fine and the classes feel good, but I miss that little pink room on Christopher Street. I miss chanting. I miss jasmine oil smoothed over my brow. I miss the icons and the soulful devotion that filled me at Laughing Lotus. Oh well. I can look inside myself and practice a soulful devotion of my own. After all, a yoga practice is what you make it; releasing what is unnecessary.

My body is sore, but my soul is opening.


  1. Hey lady, if you're looking for some of that good, soulful yoga energy paired with a vigorous practice, I highly recommend the classes at One Yoga. Margie is my favorite teacher, but they're all good. CorePower seems more...gym-y to me, less soulful. Totally great for what it is, but it sounds like you might be looking for more.

  2. That's what I've heard. I bought a deal from Core Power so... after my unlimited month is up maybe I'll switch over.