Wednesday, March 30, 2011


havin' a giraffe, originally uploaded by jamesgalpin.

Inspired by Riley [and because I'm tired of hearing myself complain about the life ruling pain in my back (which was not improved by the massage today)]* I will now list things that make me happy today:
  • Sweet P -- always. 
  • Giraffes -- obviously.
  • Sunny sun sunshine -- break the sky, sun! Get the winter out of my bones!
  • Quilting -- okay, I admit it. I spent time online working with a Bernina comparison chart to figure out what new walking foot I should look for so my quilting won't get bunchy. I'm a seamstress now. Okay, fine.
  • Tiger Balm patches -- THAT'S ABOUT MY BACK, BUT IT'S POSITIVE!
  • Lily the sweet stupid fat cat -- she laid on the massage table with me very quietly and sweetly.
Alright. The pain in my back is telling me I need to switch from cold to heat now. Where's that kitty when I need her?

*Apparently that sentence required brackets, parenthesis and an asterisk. 


  1. Glad I inspired you! It takes so much energy to focus on the negative, and there is so much more positive things out there! Good for you, Em!

  2. Have you tried acupuncture for your back?

  3. Hi Stephanie!

    I did try acupuncture and unfortunately it didn't help. The massage today didn't help either. So, we went to Urgent Care this evening and I got some muscle relaxants for a bad muscle spasm. Ugh.

    Thanks, Riley!