Sunday, June 20, 2010

heeeeeeelllllllmeeeeet... helmet?... helmet!

I'm a biker now. I've had 2 days of dedicated biking transportation to 3 different locations and it's official... I'm a biker now.

I love my bike.

I hate carrying the bike up and down the stairs to the apartment.

I love the freedom of buzzing down the street and feeling the summer air.

I hate riding up hills.

I love riding at night and seeing all the other bikers with their little lights blinking at my lights.

I hate getting lost in downtown and feeling like I don't fit on the sidewalk or in the street.

I love that other bikers compliment my "rad" bike.

I hate that things fall out of my awesome basket.

I love that I engineered a box to sit in the basket to hold little things. (I punched holes in the corners of one of these IKEA boxes and affixed it to my basket with key rings. My grandpa was an engineer.)

I hate sweating.

I love that I'm exercising.

I hate that car drivers turn left in front of me.

I love that car drivers watch for me and pass me gently.

I feel certain that as time goes by the loves will far outweigh the hates.

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