Saturday, August 7, 2010

fringey goodness

My proposed schedule between rehearsals and campaigning for the primary:

Sunday, August 8th
10p See You Next Tuesday @ Mixed Blood Theatre

Monday, August 9th
7p #Ringtone @ Fallout Arts Initiative
10p ROBO-homa! @ Rarig Procenium

Tuesday, August 10th
7p Theory of Mind @ Theater Garage 
8:30p The Princeton Seventh @ Rarig Thrust

Wednesday, August 11th
10p The Damn Audition @ Rarig Thrust

Thursday, August 12th
8:30p Wisdom: Part I @ Rarig Thrust

Friday, August 13th
7p Ballad of the Pale Fisherman @ Mixed Blood 
10p Yvette @ Theatre in the Round

Saturday, August 14th
7p The Anton Kissbougel Technique @ Balance Fitness Studio
8:30p A Standing Long Jump @ Theater in the Round
10p Amaretti Angels @ Rarig Thrust

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