Thursday, October 13, 2011

I've been a knitting machine of late. Here are my latest:

Detachable ear-flappy hat knit on commission for an aquaintance's wife. I love this pattern! How wonderful to have the choice. I was also very clever and wet blocked the hat on this wig head by spritzing it with water and sticking it in the wig dryer to block.

Teensy ear-flappy hat for a preemie. He came 2 months early just like little under cooked me. I thought he could use the leftover Malabrigo for his sensitive head. Minnesota Winters are hard for the grown people who spent the proper amount of time in the womb, so imagine what it's like for the rest of us!

A dear friend had a terrifying brush with death while onstage... alone... on opening night. Thank God. He could have been home. I am thankful for him and thought he might need a heart stuffy.

And finally, bright red stocking cap on commission for a friend. My cast mates are astonished at my speed and dedication. I don't think they understand addiction. Silly non-knitters. Will they never learn?


  1. I love this heart! It's been on my ravelry queue ever since I first saw it (I had some heart troubles and a couple of surgical procedures, so it had special meaning for me, as I'm sure it will for your friend). I think you've just convinced me to get it on the needles!
    I hope you're thriving and well.
    Love from Pittsburgh! Eleanor

  2. Hi Eleanor! I love that heart so much. It's only about the size of a real heart so it's a super fast knit. Cast on!