Monday, January 17, 2011

on the mend

on the move, originally uploaded by manyfires.

I have a cold.

I haven't been sick in quite a long time. In fact, I'm not sure I can remember the last time. When compared with ongoing bouts of IBS, rosacea, psoriasis and allergies, suffering from "just a cold" is rather comforting. Unlike my various "syndromes" I know that the cold had a cause and I know that it will end -- just like a real disease! I proudly bought myself tissues with aloe and a penguin shaped humidifier to combat my simple cold. I am greedily resting on my day off while the last dregs of mucus slide their way off my vocal folds. Ah. Just a cold.

I watched 2 pretty incredible movies last night:

The Social Network and Dear Zachary: a Letter to a Son About His Father

Both completely different, but both touching on the human search for identity and justice. Sweet P and I chattered late into the night about potential -- how to reach for it, how to identify what it might even be, how to get on the elusive track. I find, even though I am steeped in my career, I worry that I'm becoming lazy. Should I be teaching? Should I be taking classes? Should I be looking for work out of town? Should I be figuring out how to make money when I want to have a baby? Am I doing everything I can? And toward what goal?

I don't know. I don't know.

What I do know is that I have a simple cold, that my 5 year old cousin made me a crayon drawn book, that I am honored to be in the presence of the stellar artists deeply exploring The Winter's Tale...

... and that my grandpa had a pet pig named Sue.


  1. Enjoy your day! I'm in bed, too, nursing a sprained ankle. There is a gift in the perspective it brings. Happy Winter's Tale to you!

  2. and how deeply i feel and connect to those questions you raise -- I am constantly asking myself "could I be doing more? what? in what direction?" And how lucky we are to have sweet P (you) and sweet K (me) with whom to discuss questions late into the night like potential :)

  3. We are blessed indeed. Be kind to your anklete!

  4. A cold has descended upon me too. Liking your writing! Identifying with the many thoughts and questions.

  5. Boo colds! They're so boring. I almost wish it would be super severe for a day to make it worth it. :p

  6. linnea, you have so many blogs! which should I follow?