Monday, January 3, 2011

action plan - week 1 day 1

leaves of mint, originally uploaded by Darwin Bell.
I've decided to start 2011 (are we saying twenty eleven or two thousand eleven?) with a little 4 week makeover care of Whole Living . Through exercise and and food based detox I will transform -- gently -- before my very eyes. That's the plan, anyway.

This first week is all about simplifying and purifying; gentle exercise and detox. No sugar, caffeine, alcohol, dairy or gluten. It takes a lot of planning ahead and cooking, but my hope is a more stable tummy, a little weight loss and the ability to dance in rehearsal without pain the next day.

So far I miss my glass of wine and my Hot Tamales, but I'm feeling okay without caffeine. Who knew it would be so easy? Walking for 10 minutes followed by gentle yoga is hardly a strain to my system, but after the last month of sedentary TV watching I'm glad to have the assignment of movement.

Tonight's supper was grilled lime chicken with mache, mint and radish salad . We thought we'd still be hungry afterwards, but damn if it didn't satisfy. I think I'm going to like eating well.

Now for an apple with some honey and cinnamon before bed.


  1. Thanks for the inspiring example! I might just be motivated to join you!